Friday, August 5, 2011

What is this a Planet, Star, Ufo, Swamp Gas???

August 5, 2011 - MARC DEFANG


We have received a report from (YouTube channel: ashswain3000) whom has video taped this interesting footage. This is what he has to say, 'This was recorder on the morning about 3am of 27th of July in Christhurch, New Zealand i live near the ferrmead area of chricthurch and was facing towards New Brighton when i was takijng this video.'

'You can see in the video that it has its own spin and that it has some sort of white bands as well other colours.It was up there for about 6 hours maybe longer as i may have not noticed esrlier. It came from the west side and moved up diagonally across to the west.'

'At different times it was just like a normal star in the sky, but then for some reson it changed for a little while and that is what we got of the video, also will put up the other video of this one in the process of turning back into a normal star, is quite disturbing.'

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