Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Unusual Sounds/Voices Near Lake Paul, MN + Great Lakes Triangle Mystery - August 16, 2011

August 17, 2011
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08.16.2011 - "People were hearing what they thought were voices coming from a pond near Paul Lake west of Perham on Sunday night. The sheriff's office was joined by citizens in the search for the source of the voices. Boats were put in the water and a thermal imaging camera was used. There were no missing person reports and nothing was found. The DNR* figures the sound may've been that of a great horned owl or a red fox."
*DNR - Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota

On the first bit of news, its out of Perham, Minnesota and was reported on by local radio news station KFGO... and

I tried to find any other reports - nothing, not video or article even. But I must say, that is a balls-out search just to find a lil' ol' owl... so I'm guessing it is something the locals AREN'T use to hearing.. strange.

So I fell into a rabbit hole, again - and learned something while I was down there! I never knew about the Great Lakes Triangle.. so I cut up an episode about it, though it is only one very small portion of the whole episode of:

"In Search Of.... The Great Lakes Triangle"

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