Friday, August 19, 2011

SHOCKING UFO daytime above highway Hertfordshire, UK, Aug 2011

August 19, 2011
Hertfordshire, UK

AN EERIE-looking UFO can be seen in our shock footage darting through the sky, close to the spot where a 'freaked out' BBC reporter saw a craft.
The stunning video shows a glowing white dot hovering over the M11 in broad daylight.

A series of bright lights then appear to shoot out from it through the clouds, towards passing vehicles.

Image of the sighting

The 36-year-old cameraman - using the name alvinol - can be heard screaming "Oh my God" during the video as the bolts of light shoot over his car.

Just five days later, startled Beeb sports journalist Mike Sewell saw a near-identical UFO less than ten miles away over the village of Cottered, Herts.
Mike, 41 - who works for Radio 5 Live - said it too was bright and "disc-shaped".
Describing what he saw, the BBC man went on: "I saw this big light in the sky descending towards the road.

"As it got closer it banked to the left. It went cross-country.

"I could see underneath and it wasn't an aeroplane."

Sun UFO expert Nick Pope was left perplexed by the footage.

"It's a really interesting video," he said.

"Assuming it's genuine, it's one of the most bizarre pieces of UFO footage I've seen in a long time."

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