Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The diffrence between a UFO and a helicopter - Bakersfield CA 08-08-11

August 9, 2011
Bakersfield CA 08/08/2011
SOURCE: Youtube user Kahard79

Uploader: hay youtubers and BPS fans i know its been awaile since my last video but but been bizzy working and still have abad cam so i cant record most things i want to or its just not paranormal with all that out of the way the knew video i have for you is a bright axx light that just upeard in the sky iam not hi as some trolls have said on another video fucx them rite anyway and i dont live next to an airport this is not the moon or a stare ort plane or satlite while i was filming this video a helicopter showed up and as you can see there completly diffrent thanks for watching rate coment and subscribe check out my channle and othere cool videos the truth is out there and iam going to fined it and bring it to you as soon as i do stay tuned for all thing paranormal thanks chris BPS

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