Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Duo Dazzling Daytime UFOs Over Chicago 15 August 2011

August 16, 2011
Source: YouTube user: guttergawker


Uploader: Shining bright daytime UFO floats over Chicago for over 12 minutes. It flew from North to South at 445pm CDT. Looked as if it were two objects connected. My guess it isnt a balloon because I have never seen a balloon this large or stay in the sky that long. I am hoping other people witnessed this today in the Chicago daytime sky and can make a comment on the video or email me. Speaking of which feel free to subscribe comment email or friend me. I see these things all the time and record as much as I can. Check out my channel I have more UFO videos to watch.

To bad MUFON cant get their shit together and have UFO STALKER up and running because I would do a report if it was.

For some reason UFOs love Chicago in the last half of August. I am making a predicition that there will be mass sightings of UFOs over Chicago on Tuesday August 23 2011. For the past two years on August 23 I have seen some very up close and revealing UFOs and I am pretty positive this year may be more extraordinary than the last two. Will see. I could be wrong but I am betting I will be right.

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