Sunday, July 31, 2011

UFO July 7, 2011, Georgia, USA - By UFO Global Reporting Center

The UFO filmed in the State of Georgia on July 7, 2011 appears different from the typical glowing orb or disc-shaped UFOs usually documented on video. This new video from the UFO Global Reporting Center is just under a minute long and seems to show a UFO on a downward path through the sky.

You can launch this new UFO video at the left side of this page, or by clicking on the following link: UFO July 7, 2011 Georgia USA - By UFO Global Reporting Center

The object doesn't appear to rotate or glow, and the only other object seen in the video is a flock of birds. If you look at the path of the birds versus the movement of the UFO itself, it does seem that the object may be hanging motionless in the sky rather than falling toward the earth. It is difficult to tell given the lack of reference points.

The only description accompanying the video is "Caught this over the sky of Georgia USA." It was posted on YouTube by user UFOglobalRC. It's the only video available from this user so far, but they are new on the site so there may be additional contributions in the future.

If you examine the object in the video, it seems to be rounded at the bottom and elongated at the top. Its shape is what appears to create the illusion that it is falling out of the sky, although the movement of the birds across the screen seem to point that it was actually hovering. Check out the video on the left and decide for yourself.


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  1. I saw it also while driving from Birmingham to Atlanta on I20. It was hanging motionless in the sky!